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Your servers should be controlled and accessed from on standard login portal. They must be also all-times secured in terms of end-point protection. This single sign-on for WHM/SSH is based a world-class technology from Symantec cloud-based security. RVLogin is thus working to serve you with cloud computing standard’s SLA and compliance.

One Portal. Multiple Access

Put a Shield Guard for all Access

Pay attention to other areas of your business, while RVLogin saves and secures all access to your servers. This engine will monitor and verify all access by your server admins via WHM and SSH. So, it will give you a full protection from the end-point protection.

Experience Another level of Security
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Security Technology that Works your Way

Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) service is a world-class technology that helps you manage the identities of users requesting to login. RVGlobalSoft developed RVLogin and RV2Factor based on that technology, giving you the most optimized gateway for the access to your server infrastructure.

Empowered Admins being in Control
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Flexible Yet Complied

The technology of RVLogin will allow you to grant any permission for individual requests to login as long as they have the Credential IDs in RVLogin database. The dynamic security code on their VIP Access on their mobile will identify themselves with RVLogin before being granted an access. For users, it is flexible. For you, they all comply with your security policy.

Efficiency in the Costing Model
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Security Measure at Cost-Effective Level

No need to invest in security platform for all servers in your infrastructure. RVLogin is already a platform that provides you a well-established technology of security. You will get single sign-on tool and portal for free. Then, just order RV2Factor account and pay the fees on pay-per-use monthly basis. From RvGlobalSOft.com, you can register and get both RVLogin and RV2Factor today. Trial offers are also available for RV2Factor.

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