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whm users

Control while fully integrate single sign-on for WHM with advanced security of 2-Factor Authentication. Use RVLogin with fully customizable URLs to gain access to all WHMs and control the security level of individual access with RV2Factor. Something like “Shield” it and then “Guard” it. A simply perfect plan for your WHM management.

users unified gateway

Unified Gateway and Controllable Access

With RVLogin central URL on the Gateway Server, you and your server admins will have a unified portal to access and control all WHMs in your facilities. The single sign-on is a good enough feature of RVLogin, though. If you want to fully control individual access to WHMs, it is highly recommended to purchase RV2Factor accounts to use with RVLogin.

users secure gateway
users control

Secure the Gateway

Security is not a trade-off for web-hosting business. Your root privilege and individual accesses must be secured with 2-Factor Authentication because the super admin can keep tracks and control the permission of individual access to WHMs by adding, removing, or modifying the Credential IDs of your server admin’s VIP Access on his/her mobile device.

users control
users control

Control the Manner of Access

With WHM access management of RVLogin, you are able to keep control individual accesses from one single tool. Even though, you have multiple access, RVLogin still do a lot of work to help manage each of the credential IDs of RV2Factor. Controlling one credential ID can cover those multiple accesses to the group(s) of servers.

users reduce time
users control

Reduce Time. Reduce Costs. Reduce Risks.

RVLogin for WHM single sign-on is all-time FREE! However, RV2Factor activation can be purchased and installed on RVLogin, making the most optimized gateway for your WHM single sign-on. Easy access is free, but don’t forget this. Security is not always free. You must shield-guard it with a strong authentication.

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